cash for scrap cars to recycle by Terry

Scrap my car with Terry. Offering Cash for scrap cars today!

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Thinking “who should I Scrap my car with?” look no further.

Read ‘About Me’, Terry and the reason I offer cash for scrap cars.

scrap my car with Terry pictured here, as offering cash for scrap cars

“Many ask who should I scrap my car with?  Look no further as I offer cash for scrap cars because I specialise in the buying and selling of vehicles that are no longer roadworthy, for me to restore or my network of fellow environmentalists.  Let me explain why I do this.

I’m not a scrap metal dealer, scrap business or agent, nor do I sell spare parts.

I have over 10 years of experience in vehicle recycling, making sure scrap cars either become roadworthy again or are recycled properly.

I am passionate about the environment and want to ensure every scrapped vehicle is first given the chance to be restored or be recycled in the most eco-friendly way.

I have spent my life trying to be eco-friendly, I want to spend my final active days being busy doing meaningful things for the environment.”

“If I cannot get a car roadworthy, I sell it on to someone from my network who equally will attempt to get the car back on the road.  If they cannot do it they have recycling contacts who then ensures the de-pollution, disassembly and salvaging of all the parts possible to be reused within automobile recycling.  I am connected with the very best recycling facilities to manage the environmentally friendly processing of scrap cars, but only if I can’t get them on the road again (which is by far the best option).

I offer a speedy scrap auto collection for free (without a fee)

I can have removed any undesirable vehicle without having to pay for a business with a lugging solution. My car collection service is quick, trusted, and practical.  I have my own personal truck for these pick-ups.

I acquire vehicles throughout the Croydon and surrounding areas as far as Kingston-Upon-Thames. I likewise handle the whole scrap auto collection process, including all DVLA documents, to give you the least amount of hassle.

I look forward to your call to arrange the immediate collection of the scrap car you sell to me.

scrap my car with Terry working here on a recent purchase

Let me offer you cash for junk cars and I will come and collect it/them the same day, or if too late in the day for you, first thing.  Will pay cash on collection, or pay you by bank transfer if you prefer.