“Scrap my car from Morden”

Do get in touch, I’d like to make you an offer…

“Scrap my car from Morden”, I hear you say. Please do not scrap it; sell it to me for cash!

If you are saying to yourself, “I’d like to Scrap my car from Morden Today” or live near Morden, I can come and pick it up within an hour for free. I offer the best prices for unwanted scrap cars. What you might see as scrap I would like to reuse/recycle, and I often sell on to fellow eco enthusiasts who hold to the importance of reuse or the environmentally safe recycling of vehicles.

Scrap my car from Wallington

Do give me a call now and let us discuss what I can offer for your car

I am on the lookout for unroadworthy cars in and around Morden, South London, England.

I can be with you usually within an hour. I offer the fastest vehicle collection service in Morden for free and pay promptly.

I am Not a Scrap Yard or Scrap Metal Dealer

I do not deal in scrap metal as I only buy and sell cars, but I do specialise in vehicles that are not roadworthy. Partner with me to save the environment, and let me have your unwanted scrap car for cash.

Please do not leave your car on the driveway to rust

As opposed to leaving your old vehicle on your driveway to corrode and decay, you can transform it into money. I even organise to pick it up from you without charge! I am on-hand to take your phone call, arrange a time to visit your area as well as purchase your unroadworthy vehicle.

Let me offer you cash for junk cars and I will come and collect it/them the same day, or if too late in the day for you, first thing.  Will pay cash on collection, or pay you by bank transfer if you prefer.